About the Special Quilts & Quilters Exhibit and Sale

Nancy Bardach

Capturing motion on a static two-D surface interests me. Tools of color, shape and volumes enhance the activity of the image. Sharp contrasts of light and dark allude to the flickering of the eye staring at a design.

Innovation in art quilts can go far beyond fabric manipulation techniques and realism. Design includes considerations of what and why as well as how. Conceptual thinking further enhances my design intent. My images and titles often refer to an item actually capable of motion, seen dancing before my eyes.

About Nancy: Retired after 20 years as an Architect, I now design art quilts with light, color, motion and abstracted impressions of the life around us. My work is juried into exhibits all around the country and even abroad. Currently I have a piece (called ‘Ad Infinitum’, a refugee tent encampment) in the “Stories of Migration” exhibit at the Textile Museum in Washington D.C., and several elsewhere.

Laura Lee Fritz

Laura Lee Fritz always wanted to play with fabric, design her own clothes, embroideries, and quilting designs.

About Laura: Raised in Berkeley, then Marin, she has relocated to Sonoma today, after moving her Longarm quilting business, husband, hound-dogs, and fiber farm across the western states from California to Alaska to Montana and back. Laura still cannot get enough of wonderful fabric to work with, nor of daily conversation with other quilters.

From early years watching television and movies, she learned to think in pictures and relationships. Laura is here to share the ways she has learned to use that visionary imagination in her quilting arts. She has taught off and on since 1987 at quilting events across North America…now and then retreating to reinvent the life she is living.

Her self-digitized computerized quilting designs are available for purchase, from her (made it herself) website above.

Her work is available in 6 books and ebooks, with a 7th book upcoming.

Book Titles Include:
250 Continuous-Line Designs for hand, machine and Longarm quilting, C&T Publishing 2000
250 MORE Continuous-Line Designs for hand, machine and Longarm quilting, C&T 2001
Creative Classics Continuous-Line Designs, C&T 2008
Mindful Meandering, C&T Publications 2008
250 NEW Continuous-Line Designs for hand, machine and Longarm quilting, C&T Publications 2011
The Art of Hand Applique, AQS Publications 1989


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